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Howard Miller grandfather clocks are world renowned, and we offer a selection at a competitive price from this well respected supplier, including oak case and tall case clocks.

Grandfather Clocks - The King of All Clocks
Grandfather clocks are worthy of the title "The King of All Clocks". After all, no other clock can compare to its regality and the kind of royal air it elucidates. This is only proved so much by history. Over time, grandfather clocks are associated with royal palaces as its height obviously befits it in such capacious spaces. This is a reason why you have to have a grandfather clock if your house is capacious. Not only will it fill up the big space, but it will also add that touch of grandeur. Where to buy grandfather clocks, however, is something that you must carefully do.

What are grandfather clocks? Grandfather clocks are also known as pendulum clocks or long-case clocks. As its name suggest, a grandfather clock is one of tall height. A grandfather clock comprises a clock with a pendulum swaying below it. The pendulum is usually encased in a gilded framework of wooden material. Grandfather clocks typically stand 1.8 to 2.4 meters tall. In feet, this is about 6 to 8 feet tall. A grandfather clock also usually has a dial and a bonnet. All grandfather clocks are relatively the same in design, so learning how to distinguish one should not be a hard task. However, there are shorter grandfather clocks, and these go by the name of granddaughter and grandmother clocks.

What are the common designs of grandfather clocks? The common design of grandfather clocks is not very different from those in the past. Made of hardwood or any piece of sturdy wood, grandfather clocks are usually sold for a relatively more expensive price those usual clocks. The reason behind this is its signature classic look. What sets apart Grandfather clocks from the other modern-day, contemporary clocks is the beauty of its classic design that cannot be sullied by colorful and modern art just like that. Though numerous attempts have been made to make grandfather clocks look modern and chic, all these attempts are, more often than, failures.

Where can I place a grandfather clock? Because of its classic design, grandfather clocks are ideally placed in your houses fireplace or receiving area. It will definitely give you room that grand and sophisticated effect that youre looking for. Whats good about grandfather clocks design is that it can automatically turn an otherwise languid-looking room into one of sheer delight and pleasantry. So if you are planning to buy a grandfather clock, make sure that you place it somewhere where its beauty can be maximized.

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