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Radio controlled clocks feed

Radio controlled clocks that work in the UK are set from a central location in the UK, and automatically set the time. To get started, place your clock near a wall or outside. In some areas a weaker signal may take time to be "picked up". Radio controlled timepieces set their time automatically from a central point in the UK. No more time adjustments.

Radio Controlled Clocks - Better than Traditional Clocks

You might find to your surprise that most clocks being sold in the market right now go under the category of radio controlled clocks. After all, a radical shift has been done, and radio controlled clocks are now more mass-produced in the market than the traditional clocks. The name sounds complicated, but radio controlled clocks are really defined by its own terms: clocks controlled by radio. So if youre still using the traditional manual clock, you ought to consider replacing it as they are no longer appropriate in the modern age. This product shift will be, in the end, the best move for you in terms of saving time and effort.

Radio Controlled Clocks Defined

Radio controlled clocks are clocks that are controlled by radio. Sounds impossible? It is true. The reason why they are controlled by radios is that they have to be synchronized with differing and shifting timeframes such as DST. How is this possible? The radio controlled clock has a radio inside, which serves as an antenna that receives signal from a radio station. Whenever daylight saving time occurs, the radio station will send out signals to the radio controlled clock, so that it will automatically rewind or fast forward by one hour without your having to personally adjust it. One such example is a radio station in Cumbria, UK. The radio station sends radio signals to your clock, so that it will adjust by itself. Since 31st March 2007 the MSF standard-frequency and time signal has been transmitted from Anthorn in Cumbria. The Anthorn signal is in all technical respects equivalent to the previous transmission from Rugby, and carries the time and date code that has been in use since 1977. The signal has been tested throughout the UK and it provides a signal strength well in excess of 100 microvolts per metre at distances of up to 1000 kilometres from Anthorn.

Radio Controlled Clocks' Benefits
The benefit of radio controlled clocks is quite obvious. It will save you time and effort. Because you no longer have to manually adjust your radio controlled clock, you can save time and not have to wait for long hours in order for the DST to occur. You will practically do nothing and go about your daily life, knowing that your radio controlled clock will go back or forward by one hour based on the radio station's stipulation. Another benefit of having radio controlled clocks is preciseness. Obviously, you no longer have to synchronize your clock with others'. Yours and all the other radio controlled clocks will go back or forward by one hour all at the same time. This means that your time will be the same as your neighbour's, thus, preventing you from possibly being too late or too early.

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