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The cuckoo clocks never fail to amaze most people. Its popularity even reaches childrens animation and films of all sorts. But the irony of the matter is, even in its popularity, the history of the cuckoo clock remains vague. The reason for its murky history is the fact that no one could really point out the clocks origin and creator, but one thing is certain, the cuckoo clock has been around for a long time and is still very fascinating piece.

Design and Functionality The design of the cuckoo clock has so little variations since the olden times and the present. As a matter of fact, the mechanism involved has always been the same with the exception of the battery operated quartz cuckoo clock. What started to be a mechanism mostly composed of wooden gears and organ pipes has evolved into gears made of metal and recorded cuckoo sounds. But still, the old design and mechanism still remains, although materials have changed for the clock to last and be lightweight. And what is fascinating is the fact that people are mostly drawn to the old designs rather than the future clock makes. The wood carvings and the cuckoo sound produced by traditional organ pipes are the features that seem to eternalize the Cuckoo clocks.

Best Selling Cuckoo Clocks The existence of cuckoo clocks goes back to the late 1600s, but nobody knew when or who exactly created the enigmatic clock design. There are lots of folklores that circulate regarding the birth of the cuckoo clock, but none has been proven to be true. There is a person though who is associated with the great popularity of the cuckoo clock.

Friedrich Eisenlohr created a design called the Bahnhusle clock in the 1950s. His design was showcased during a clockmakers' competition. The design was taken from the design of a railroad guardhouse. This is not very surprising coming from Eisenlohr, who is a railroad architect by trade. The first design was not so complicated but it appealed to the common taste during that time.

Eisenlohr's design became an instant hit and become the model appearance of most cuckoo clocks. Some clockmakers added to the design by adding ornaments made of wooden carved animals, trees, and plants, but the Bahnhusle heritage still remains noticeable and lasting like the cuckoo clock itself. There are other clockmakers who tried to attain the same success as the Bahnhusle, but none came so close. Some made new, formidable forms of the cuckoo clock that are praiseworthy as well such as the Swiss Chalet, but still, the Bahnhusle remains unmatched popularity-wise.

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